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Francis Lavoie Founder

Biography of Francis Lavoie

In his mid-thirties, Francis Lavoie has over 14 years of experience in real estate brokerage. He owns Groupe Lavoie, a real estate agency.

Recognized as an expert in his field, he is often called upon as a speaker at conventions specific to the Canadian and US real estate brokerage industry, appearing in front of theaters of more than 1,500 brokers. Notably in California, Phoenix, Florida, Toronto and Montreal. Francis has also been a guest speaker at conventions for real estate investors in Montreal and the South Shore. He has also been a panelist for the Chamber of Commerce, HEC Montréal (HEC Realty) and for the MRC Roussillon in the framework of a convention for the economic development of the region.

Francis was also interviewed for his real estate expertise at Canal Argent, Canal ICI, Radio X Choice, Radio Boom FM, Les Affaires, News Magazine, La Presse, Real Estate magazine (sent to more than 20,000 Canadian brokers), Above magazine (sent to more than 96,000 re / max brokers worldwide) as well as the newspaper “Le Reflet”.

Thanks to exemplary growth, Groupe Lavoie realizes more than one sale per day, Francis embodies a model of family conciliation and business success.

His notoriety and success in real estate allow Francis to develop new strategies more aggressive, bolder and more effective to better meet the needs and concerns of sellers and buyers. In order to prove the effectiveness of their exclusive techniques, it offers its customers a guarantee: “Your property sold, guaranteed, or you buy it”.

In January 2018, he took action and created his own real estate agency to better meet the needs of customers.

Francis is involved every year in events for our community organizations. He is also a sponsor to help fund the Anna Laberge Foundation, the local “Sharing” organization, as well as for youth-related events in his community such as soccer, hockey and music competitions.

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