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‘’ There is no reason to spend so much energy on trying to fight the market. We will provide you with all the qualified prospects and the appointments you will need. ‘’
– Francis Lavoie

Have you heard of Pareto’s Law?
If you focus on 20% of your weekly tasks that earns you more than 80% of your income … What effect could this have on your net income?

Our UNIQUE team system has been built so that you never have to choose between quality of life and good income.

Since 2004, we have had the chance to perfect our unique procedures and systems to enable any broker to achieve their goals … BUT only if he / she is ready to apply a different way of working!

Make more money by working fewer hours and have a more satisfying life! We need competent real estate brokers to help us serve our growing number of buyers and sellers.

To obtain the free information document, without any obligation, entitled “THE system that will allow you to become a successful broker QUICKLY”, simply fill out the form on this page.

What is Groupe Lavoie ?

• An average income of $ 144,000 per broker (after any paid team sharing. So, net before taxes)

• These revenues, coming from thousands of qualified and ready-to-go customer appointments that have been set by our internal sales team (for example, from January to August 2017, there were over 1,200 appointments!) Before scheduling the appointment, the client has confirmed that he is ready to take action now. In the buyer’s case, he confirmed the available cash, the price he was looking for and desired area. Often, the follow-up is done for several months or several years before this appointment is fixed.

  • To reach this amount of appointments, we generate more than 1000 prospects per month through our various forward-thinking marketing campaigns.
  • An incredible team synergy that allows us to offer a superior service to our clients.

Over the past 14 years, we have sold thousands of properties (on average, more than one per day in the last 3 years) while doing regular work weeks. Because our marketing methods and our unique systems are very efficient. We have at our disposal a ton of customers who want to sell or buy a property …

This is where you come in.

You could increase your number of appointments, visits and sales – literally in the blink of an eye!

The system we have developed for our team could propel you to a very enviable position of helping these motivated customers. All potential buyers and sellers contact us. Our team does not make cold calls. We are looking for professional and serious real estate brokers to take in charge these clients.

Here is our offer: Provide you with prospects and unlimited appointments with whom to work. The brokers of our team make very good incomes, but, more importantly, they keep this money because the majority of expenses are eliminated! In addition, you will receive comprehensive training on our systems, our marketing program and our customer management program, as well as ongoing training and coaching on a weekly basis. These same systems allowed us to sell thousands of properties. So, are you interested in increasing your sales, increasing your income and, above all, keeping it while working a reasonable amount of time?

We have prepared a free information document entitled “THE system that will allow you to become a successful broker QUICKLY” and detailing how our system works and how you can benefit from it. To receive your free copy, fill out the form on this page. There is no obligation, your request will be treated confidentially. Asking for this document does not imply that you wish to change teams or agencies. It only means that you want to know more about the most successful real estate brokerage system in Quebec.

Perhaps you would prefer our open position to the Internal Sales Department? This is a challenging phone sales job, different from what many other teams can offer. No cold calls, only motivated and receptive customer references are provided. You can easily earn $ 70,000 to $ 100,000 in the first year, eliminating the majority of expenses and working a standard 40-hour week, including 2 REAL days off per week. For more information about this rare opportunity in the real estate industry, click here.

P.S.: The last time we offered this opportunity, the places filled up very quickly … Take the opportunity and fill out the form now to obtain the information document free of charge and without any obligation.


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