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Groupe Lavoie?

You will soon be making one of the biggest transactions of your life. It is therefore important to choose the best professionals to be well advised and avoid costly mistakes.

Statistics that speak for themselves

We sell at 1.38% more expensive

Average trading of 96.20% vs. 94.32% for other brokers * *

* Source : CIGM January to December 2016

We sell 27,12 days faster

Average number of days on the market of 92.88 days vs. 120 days for other brokers * *

* * Source : CIGM, January to December 2016

We increase your chances of selling!

Groupe Lavoie sells 80.41% of the properties put on the market vs. the market average at 54% * *

* * Source : CIGM, January to December 2016

We have more than 229 active buyers

It's like we're already looking for a buyer for your property * *

* * Source: Groupe Lavoie database, buyers actively looking only
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